Strong hamstrings as key to a long and healthy football career.

Chances of suffering a hamstring injury in your career as a football player are relatively high as 5-15% of all football injuries are hamstring-related. This means that in one football team, there is almost always one player with a hamstring injury. Moreover, there is quite a lot of relapse after havind endured a hamstring injury. As many as 4 to 68% of those that experienced a hamstring injury are likely to endure a second, third, ... hamstrings injury1. A good example at the current World Cup is the Portuguese player Nuno Mendes2 or Manchester star Raphale Varane who could not even participate due to a previous hamstring injury3. Moreover, improving hamstring strength and control is an important protective factor against other injuries such as rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.

Therefore, the Magnus Rehab Challenge during this World Cup focuses on strengthening the hamstrings.

For this challenge, we created an adaptation of the nordic hamstringing exercise, one of the 11 essential injury prevention exercises in football (FIFA 11+ exercices).

Take part in the Magnus Rehab Hero challenge, train your hamstrings and improve your personal record!


How can you participate?

Step 1. Find a place where you can firmly fixate your ankles or use a partner

Step 2. Learn the hamstring curl exercise

  • Sit cross-legged on a soft surface and place a bottle of water against both thighs
  • Keep your hands crossed at chest level to catch yourself, keeping your hips and back straight during the execution.
  • Allow your body to tilt forward using your hips as a fulcrum.
  • Go as deep as possible without pushing yourself up.

Step 3. Determine your personal record (PR)

  • Repeat this exercise as often as possible without pause.
  • Record the number of repetitions (e.g. 10 repetitions)

Step 4. Train your hamstrings during the World Cup Games

  • Train 2-3 sets daily at 80% of your PR (e.g. 8 reps)
  • Take at least 2minutes rest between each set
  • Every 2-3 days, take a recovery day without any hamstring exercises

Step 5. Determine your new PR at the end of the World Cup and share it with Magnus


How can you become the first Magnus Rehab Hero?

Share an original post where we can see your progression from the start to the end of the World Cup and tag us with @magnus_kinesitherapie

Deadline: 18 December 24h00

Our panel of experts will score originality and progression.



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