physiotherapist Antwerp Mattijs tunnelplaatsMattijs obtained his master's degree in rehabilitation sciences and kinesitherapy, option manual therapy at KU Leuven. Determined to keep learning in function of optimal patient guidance, he recently started his training programme in osteopathy at FICO in Antwerp.

As a physiotherapist, Mattijs takes a multimodal approach. With a deep-rooted passion for both body and mind, he guides patients towards recovery based on a patient-centred approach. Both manual treatment techniques and exercise therapy which gives patients more independence in terms of recovery and prevention play a central role.

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  • MSc in physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences - musculoskeletal rehabilitation | KU Leuven
  • MSc in osteopathy (in formation) | FICO Antwerp


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Basic notion off German and Italian