Speed up your recovery by gaining knowledge
and crucial insights on your pathology

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing symptoms without knowing how they arise and without understanding how physiotherapy can help you. At Magnus, we want to make you a partner in rehabilitation by providing transparent and science based knowledge of your pathology and symptoms. After all, education on health is essential to achieve good care outcomes. This knowledge and understanding will reassure you and give you the confidence that you can heal properly and prevent complaints.

Moreover, when applied appropriately, physical therapy is a highly effective and qualitative form of therapy with little or no side effects. The health benefits of physical therapy are particularly relevant as : 1. it is a non-invasive treatment strategy (e.g. medication or surgery) and 2. because increasing physical activity is an essential part of physiotherapy, there are always secondary health benefits. Physical inactivity is the 6th largest contributing cause to early death; think of the protection of exercise against for instance diabetes, heart disease or colon cancer.

What does your treatment programme look like in our reference clinics?

Intake with your physiotherapist

During the first consultation of one hour, a Magnus physiotherapist always carries out a full examination in preparation for a qualitative start. This includes:

  • Administrative registration
  • Anamnesis
  • Review of possible imaging
  • Active and passive physiotherapeutic examination
  • Treatment
  • Education

Physiotherapeutic movement therapy

The doctor's prescription is indicative and a thorough physiotherapeutic examination is required to draw up a correct treatment plan. This integral start of the rehabilitation process increases the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. If the doctor so desires, your Magnus physiotherapist will also draw up a report so that your referring physician can gain a better understanding of our approach.

Starting treatment at a physiotherapist
Treatment care pathway at a physiotherapist

Treatment programme

At Magnus we endeavour to tailor the physiotherapeutic treatment techniques to your needs throughout the treatment process. Your physiotherapist does not use a 'one size fits all' approach but an individualised one. Through continuous training, a Magnus physiotherapist manages a wide range of physiotherapeutic skills and can also call on the complementary competencies of his or her colleagues. In addition, education of you as a patient is extremely important in order for you to take ownership of your recovery. We do this by means of information sheets and continuous knowledge sharing during the treatment sessions.

End of treatment and feedback

When your symptoms have disappeared and you can continue independently, we will ask you for anonymous feedback by means of an evaluation form. During your treatment series, you can always give anonymous feedback at each treatment session. Our physiotherapists can learn from your experiences and improve the services of our physiotherapy practice.

End of physiotherapeutic treatment

Discover some of our care pathways in more detail

Please note that the current list of care pathways at Magnus is only a small selection of the complaints that we can help you with. Please come back at a later date for new info sheets. If you would like to see a particular disorder on the list, do not hesitate to contact us.