Tailor-made physiotherapy care
in our reference clinic at Leuven

At Magnus Physiotherapy in Leuven you will find a warm team of passionate physiotherapists. The complementary team is ready to offer you tailor-made rehabilitation throughout your rehabilitation process. By matching the right competences, we can optimise your recovery process internally. In addition, we ensure that there is internal consultation between our team members and with your (primary) physician as soon as your rehabilitation does not progress according to plan.

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Erasme Ruelensvest 11
3000 Leuven

T 016 50 90 92
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You can easily park in front of our door or drop someone off. The side branch of the ring road of Leuven near our location makes sure you can park your car without traffic jams.

Since March 2023, Leuven's parking policy has changed, requiring you to use the parking meter or park a bit further away. Please find the parking zones by clicking here.

Public transport

Busses 2, 18, 179, 306, 337, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524, 525, 555, 558, 600 of 616 to Leuven Naamsepoort

By car

  • From (Oud) Heverlee - via Naamsesteenweg and Erasme Ruelensvest
  • From Kessel-lo - via R23 Geldenaaksevest to Naamsepoort
  • From Bertem - via Tervuursevest to Naamsepoort
  • From the city centre - via Naamsestraat to Naamsepoort

in Leuven

  • Dry needling
  • Falls prevention
  • General physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Pediatric physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Postoperative physiotherapy
  • Respiratory physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Temporomandibular joint
  • Vertigo disease
  • Maison Magnus Leuven
    a warm cosy environment for physiotherapist and patient

    Welcome to Maison Magnus in Leuven where you will find an informal and homely setting. Here, informal professionalism and health go hand in hand.  For both our team and the patient, it is important to look beyond the clinical picture and facilitate health in as many facets as possible from our practice. At Magnus you will find a bright, open and warm place and we try to minimise the threshold to exercise.

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    Profile of your
    Magnus physiotherapist in Leuven

    A Magnus physiotherapist is characterised by a passion to help patients, to work closely with colleagues, to share competences and to take physiotherapy to the next level. At Magnus, we ensure that physiotherapists communicate constructively with each other in order to bring out the best in each other for the benefit of the patient. In addition, Magnus physiotherapists attend annual training courses and there is also an internal training programme for the team members to ensure optimum cross-fertilisation of knowledge.

    Our team
    of physiotherapists in Leuven

    Committed stakeholder
    in the Leuven healthcare landscape

    Aligned with the ambitions of Magnus, our physiotherapists are actively involved in the development of physiotherapy in the Leuven region. The aim is to get to know fellow physiotherapists better in order to optimise the follow-up or referral of patients if we are unable to provide the required care.. Magnus is also an active member of the Leuven Physiotherapy Organization and the Leuven network of physiotherapists. Hence, Magnus is on the forefront of developments in physical therapy at the university, the hospitals in the region as well as the Leuven Primary Healthcare Region and care projects such as Zorgzaam Leuven.

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    Our Leuven physical therapy clinic is easily accessible by car, bike, foot or public transport. You can find us at Erasme Ruelensvest 11. If you cannot displace yourself to our centre due to illness or limited mobility, we are happy to help you at home or via a phone- or video-consult until you are better hence preventing you from having to postpone care.

    clinic for KU Leuven university

    Magnus Kinesitherapie Leuven is a recognised training practice of the faculty of movement and rehabilitation sciences of KU Leuven. An internship at Magnus includes a detailed development plan for the intern. The ultimate goal of the traineeship is that the physical therapy student develops himself in a well-defined syndrome so that he/she feels competent to help rehabilitate a patient from A to Z as a physical therapist. Throughout the internship, the student can gain an insight into every Magnus physiotherapist. This creates a transparent, open learning environment for the entire team, with the aim of continuously improving the quality of care.

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    Magnus physiotherapy focuses on quality, continuity and accessibility of care. The convention rates, imposed by the mutual health organisations and RIZIV do not suffice to realise this. Magnus is convinced that in order to provide high quality, limit overconsumption and accelerate timely referral or cooperation with other care providers in the event of complications. As a result, the total cost of your rehabilitation will be lower and we will focus on prevention so that you can take ownership of your health. Magnus guarantees an exclusive one-to-one collaboration during consultations, an up-to-date medical file and timely adjustment in case your rehabilitation does not go according to plan. In addition, we are pioneers in integrating new applications to improve communication between healthcare providers that help attain better patient outcomes. Finally, Magnus relieves its physiotherapists from any disturbances during consultations (e.g.: telephone) and uses an anonymous patient feedback system to further improve our services.