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Magnus stands for qualitative and personalised physiotherapy in a healthy environment. Magnus has an innovative approach with a focus on optimising patient care outcomes. We do this by focusing on the work environment of the physiotherapist, the optimisation of the patient experience and the integration of physiotherapy into the wider healthcare landscape.


A healthy body
in a healthy environment

A healthy environment stimulates healing and this translates into our physiotherapy practices. We aim to create a pleasant, homely and healthy rehabilitation and working environment. With us you will not find a clinical setting but a warm team of committed professionals.

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Tailor-made physiotherapy
throughout your care pathway

Our priority is the right treatment for your symptoms throughout the entire treatment process. In our practices you will always find a complementary team of physiotherapists. At Magnus, you will find a team that knows each other and can call on the skills of a colleague in time to optimise your recovery. In this way we aim to provide the right care at the right time. Magnus therefore aims to provide the best possible impact during your treatment, time after time.

Your personal physiotherapist
in a close-knit team

Rehabilitation requires attention, mutual trust and a strong collaboration between patient and physiotherapist. At Magnus, you will receive the full attention you need. Your personal physiotherapist will work with you as a partner to identify your rehabilitation needs. During each treatment we work one on one with the patient.

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Discover the regenerative power
of physical activity with your physiotherapist

Physical therapy stands for maximising quality of life and movement potential through the healing power of active and passive movement. Because it is a non-invasive treatment strategy, there are few, if any, negative side effects of physical therapy and it is a treatment strategy to consider in addition to other treatment plans. Finally, the physiotherapist plays an important role in staying pain free and thus contributes to the prevention of other conditions.

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Your feedback
is key to optimize rehabilitation

Magnus physiotherapists believe in self-reflection and continuous improvement. Your anonymous feedback improves our services and your symptoms. We question our patients pro-actively and at the end of each treatment series.

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Spondyloliwhat? Brachialhow? Knowledge of your condition is extremely important for rehabilitation and preventing relapse. Magnus believes education is essential to make you a partner in recovery. Learn more about your rehabilitation in our treatment programmes and from your Magnus physiotherapist during your rehabilitation and take your health into your own hands.

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